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Preventive Care

  • Covered 100% under all City medical plans*
  • Usually provided when you have a wellness exam, such as your annual physical and blood work
  • Includes recommended exams and tests at certain ages to help prevent illnesses or detect them early to help you stay healthier
  • Provided before you have symptoms or a diagnosis for a specific condition
Preventive care is more than just medical. It includes getting your teeth checked and cleaned twice each year, and getting your vision checked, too. 
  • Be sure to visit our dental and vision pages to understand covered services

* assumes care is received in-network

Preventive care

What isn't Preventive care?

  • If you have symptoms or have already been diagnosed, additional services, screenings and tests related to the condition generally are considered diagnostic, and not preventive

Virtual Care

Virtual Care

  • Ginger
    • Confidential behavioral health coaching for stress, anxiety, depression, issues with work, relationships, sleep, and more
    • Available 24/7/365  via text, self-guided learning activities, and, if needed, video-based therapy and psychiatry
  • MD Live Virtual Care
    • Convenient: Get care from anywhere, when you need it
    • Affordable: Costs less than emergency room or urgent care
    • 24/7/365 care from board-certified doctors and licensed counselors, who can diagnose, treat and prescribe medicine for many common, non-emergency medical, mental and behavioral issues
    • You can even get your virtual wellness screening from anywhere by making your appointment online, going for a quick visit to a lab for blood work and biometrics, and completing the rest via video or phone
  • Meru Health (mental/behavioral care)
    • A 12-week confidential mental healthcare program to help improve mental health long-term by treating symptoms of anxiety, depression, and burnout. 
      • Licensed therapists & psychiatrists
      • Anonymous peer support
      • Biofeedback
      • Habit-changing activities
      • Mindfulness practices accessed on demand via your smartphone
  • Sondermind
    • Find licensed therapists who are available for video, texting, and in-person sessions based on your needs
    • All ages accepted for a multitude of conditions
  • Talkspace Telebehavioral Health Care
    • Connect with licensed behavioral therapists via text messaging or live visits. To get started:
      • Take a brief survey
      • Pick your licensed therapist
      • Begin your journey toward a happier you through ongoing support from your chosen therapist
    • Benefits-eligible employees may use free EAP sessions with Talkspace, with each week of texting generally equaling one EAP session, regardless of how many messages you send; contact the EAP to get started
  • Cigna Dental Virtual Care
    • 24/7/365 video call consultation with a dentist for no copay or coinsurance for issues such as
      • toothache
      • infection
      • swelling
      • bleeding
    • Access virtual care via under "Find Care"
    • Dentists can prescribe medication
    • Visits do apply toward annual plan maximum

Take Control of Your Health

Health Coaching

    • Get help managing your chronic condition like low back pain, depression, coronary artery disease, diabetes
    • Get help with weight loss, stress management, quitting tobacco
    • Earn up to $150 when you connect with a health coach throughout your pregnancy
  • My Health Assistant 
    • Enjoy personalized online tools, resources and activities to manage your health in ways that fit your needs and schedule
  • Medical Cigna Connect and Compete
    • It's easier to be active and healthy with these apps & activities that assist with nutrition and resilience-building, and allow you to challenge enrolled friends and family members to join you in fitness challenges
  • iPrevail
    • Coaching, support communities, and personalized lesson plans to assist you with overcoming anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief, panic and more
  • Happify
    • Reshape negative thoughts and stress through quick and simple science-based activities and games that fit easily into your schedule

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Save Money

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