Colonial Voluntary Benefits

These payroll-deducted voluntary benefits are:

  • Paid to you. Benefits are paid directly to you, unless you specify otherwise, to use as you see fit.
  • Yours to keep. With most plans, you can continue coverage with no increase in premium when you retire or change jobs.
  • Supplemental. Most plans pay benefits regardless of any other insurance you may have with other insurance companies.
  • Family coverage. Most plans offer coverage for your spouse and dependent children.

To enroll or make changes, contact Colonial: 

Contact the Benefits team


Alejandra Fisher
Cigna Well-Being Coordinator

Melissa Soto-Gonzalez
Cigna Client Service Partner

Contact Colonial

Dedicated website for City employees

800-456-4311 or 602-433-8144
Fax: 602-433-8145

Tel: 800-325-4368
Fax: 800-880-9325

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