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Onsite Mobile Mammography

August 9th – 13th

Open to all City of Tucson employees and spouses with medical insurance.

Schedule an appointment and complete patient forms online or call (520) 744-6121

VitaMin August 2021

Open Enrollment Next Steps

Life and LTD increases

If you requested to add/increase life or LTD coverage, the next step in the application process is to complete Hartford’s online Statement of Health.

1. Go to

2. Login ID: First letter of first name + first letter last name + last 4 of SSN

Example: John Smith, SSN xxx-xx-4321 - Login ID: js4321.

3. Password: First letter of first name + first letter of last name + birth date in YYYYMMDD format

Example: John Smith, DOB October 25, 1963 - Password: js19631025.

You will be required to reset your password during your initial login.


  • For questions about Hartford's Personal Health Application, call 1-877-ONE-HART (1-877-663-4278) Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm ET
  • For questions about your City insurance eligibility and enrollment, reach out to your City Benefits team at or 520-791-4597 

Dependent Audit/Verification

City of Tucson audits all spouses and children enrolled in City insurance to confirm eligibility.

If you added a new dependent to City insurance who hasn't been audited yet by HMS Employer Solutions (the City's dependent verification service), you should receive an audit notice during the second half of June. 

Don’t ignore the notice! 

Dependents who aren't verified by July 16 will be removed from coverage retroactive to July 1. 

1. Get your unique audit reference number from your HMS letter

2. Gather your documents:

  • Child
    • Government-issued birth certificate listing you (or your spouse*) as parent
  • Spouse
    • Government-issued marriage certificate PLUS 
    • Household statement showing spouse's name at your address or front page of recent tax return (with sensitive information blocked out)

* Spouse must be verified for all step-children, even if spouse isn't enrolled in City coverage

3. Upload your documents from any device by July 16

CALL 855-615-7291 from 5am to 5pm MST, Monday through Friday or FAX to 877-223-8478

Questions? Contact

Don’t Wait, Hydrate! Challenge

Join our Don’t Wait, Hydrate! Challenge for your chance to win $25!

Decrease your consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and replace them with 64 ounces (8 glasses) of water per day for 4 weeks from July 5th – August 1st.

Use this
log to enter the number of ounces of water you consume each day.

Send your log to by Monday of each week to be entered into the weekly raffle for a chance to win one of three $25 gift cards each week.*

Winners will be notified by August 16th.

*Prizes are available to active, benefits-eligible employees who have not received a wellness incentive in the last 6 months.

Congratulations City of Tucson on being the Phoenix Business Journal’s #5 Healthiest Employer in the large company category!! 

Up 3 spots from last year!

January – March Wellness Incentive Winners!

Congratulations to our first quarter wellness incentive winners! The list below includes winners from MotivateMe, the Get Moving 750 Challenge, Wear Red Day, and Healthy Bingo.

Adriana Nasca
Adriana Quintero
Adriane Ackerman
Alfredo Rosete
Alon Hackett
Ana Juarez
Andi Garcia
Andrea Frank
Andrea Mejia Flores
Andrew Rico
Angel Flores
Angela McIntyre
Ann Chanecka
Ann Moser
Anthony Archibald
Ashley Boisclair
Barbara Sanchez
Ben Elias
Beth Lucas
Brenda Navarro
Brenda Sanchez
Brian Berg
Brian O'Sullivan
Brittany Aldrich
Bruce Stevens
Cathy Kiser
Christopher Mcmillen
Chrystal Rodriguez
Daniel Armenta
Daniel Sotelo
Danielle Long
David Villalovos
Dawn Brown
Dawnee Moreno
Deborah Nunez
Desiree Cornell
Diane Marquez-Sotelo
Don Parks
Echo Acosta
Elizabeth Morales
Eric Quarrell
Erica Cramer
Erik Morales

Eva Ahumada
Fernando Moraga
Francis Hand 
Francisco Carranza 
Francisco Soto 
Gabriel Hernandez 
Gioia Sanderson 
Glenna Overstreet 
Grant Weinkam 
Gregory Orsini 
Griselda Acuna Obregon 
Henry Gamez 
Ian Snyder 
Ivonne Keyes 
Jacquelyne Vega 
Jaimie Galayda 
Janet Rico Uhrig 
Jasmine Chan 
Javier Garcia 
Jeanette Figueroa 
Jeffrey Klotz 
Jennifer Psillas 
Jessica Rodriguez
Jill Anderson
Jinixa Morales
Joe Stubbins
Joe Van Zeeland
John Coleman
Johnny Walker
Jonathan Zaugra
Jose Flores
Joseph Ahumada
Joyce Hardage
Julianne Hughes
Julissa Galindo
Karen Wilken
Karla Victoria
Kat Jacobs
Kayla Floystop
Kimberly Lecy
Kimberly Munoz
Kristina Othon
Kyle Wilson
Laura Bazurto Mathews
Laura Hodgson
Laura McAndrews Gomez
Lauren Gormally
Leticia Riesgo
Liddie MacNeil
Lisa Labate
Lizette Perdomo
Loren Makus
Lucy Lucero
Lynette Kaplan
Lynn Leflohic
Lynn Monday
Lynn Spitzer-Lizardi
Marcella Aguilar
Margot Grossmann
Maria Robinson
Mariza Trujillo
Mark Cromey
Martha Hare
Martha Van Winkle
Mary Placencia
Mary Wright
Matthew Boepple
Matthew Lott
Melanie Bodenheimer
Melanie Boshens
Melissa Martinez
Michael Clement
Michael Hayes 
Michael Ross 
Michael Sanders 
Michael Schierling 
Michael Whetton 
Michelle Martinez
Mike Fisher
Monica Barcenas
Nicole Gillett
Nina Jones
Norma Camacho
Pamela Lyons
Pati Valenzuela-Giffney
Patricia Alvidrez Sierras
Patricia Camacho
Patricia Lucas
Patrick Pina Jr
Paul Pier
Paul Ponce
Priscilla Carranco Najera
Ranee Rowe
Rebecca Hill
Rebecca McPherson
Renet Martin
Rey Granillo
Rogelio Gaxiola-Pacheco
Samuel Credio
Sarah Blayda
Scott Gallo
Sheila Garcia
Shellie Ginn
Shelly Urias
Sherry Martin
Sonia Yost
Stacey Ocskai
Stephanie Brooks
Stephanie Neal
Steven Herran
Susana Castillo
Sylvia Martinez
Tanja Kaletsch
Tatiana Hestmark
Terri Bunting
Terry Galligan
Timothy Seamans
Tony Windsor
Traci Eller
Tracy Garcia
Troy Rombough
Valerie Berg
Valerie Herman
Vidin Metelov
Wanda Omdahl
Yang Chee Yan Celia
Yarby Anthony
Yolanda Parker Rizzoli
Yvette Olivas

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