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Open Enrollment: May 1 - 31, 2024

You must enroll to have coverage in the following plans starting July 1, 2024:

  • Medical
  • Personal HSA contributions
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (Health Care & Dependent Care)
  • Medical Opt Out incentive - Choose "Request" from WorkDay's menu (upper left) > Create Request > All > Medical Insurance Opt Out

You also must enroll if you'd like to:

  • Change which dependents are covered
  • Change plans or coverage levels
  • Change life insurance beneficiaries


  • Increasing life and/or long term disability coverage involves two steps:
    • Request your desired coverage level in Workday, and 
    • Return to Workday mid-June to submit Hartford's Evidence of Insurability questionnaire.
  • Colonial will be onsite at various City locations for Voluntary benefits enrollment and assistance


  • Adding new people to dental/vision requires uploading proof of continuous coverage as part of the Workday enrollment process
  • Upload your proof on the Workday screen where you submit your open enrollment event, or email it to
    • Your proof must show that each new person you'd like to add has had dental/vision insurance from July 1, 2021 or earlier through May 1, 2024 or later.
    • Documentation must include name(s) of people being newly added, dates of coverage, type of plan (dental or vision), and needs to clearly show that the proof was furnished by an employer's benefits team or the insurance carrier 

2024/25 Updates

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Learn About HRAs

Learn About HSAs



Thursday, August 1 1PM → 5PM
Aug 1, 1 - 5 pm · Location: Pending
Monday, November 4 1PM → 5PM
Nov 4, 1 - 5 pm · Location: Pending
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Plan Documents

Plan Documents

Medical - Summaries of Benefits and Coverage & Co-Pay Changes

Need more info about Medical? Visit our Medical page.


Need more info about Dental? Visit our Dental page.


Need more info about Vision? Visit our Vision page.


Long Term Disability


  • Click here to see which Voluntary benefits are available to you and for the calendar of when Colonial reps will be onsite at your department

Need Help Choosing Your Medical Plan?

Access codes (2024/25):

•Salary Less Than $60k: UD9DK9GN
•Salary $60k-$100k: GDD6WQSU
•Salary More Than $100k: 40ONLZKO

Questions? Cigna's pre-enrollment professionals can help: 888-806-5042

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Contact the Benefits team

Contact one of our Vendors

Cigna - medical, dental, EAP

  • 800-244-6224 (members)
  • 888-806-5042 (pre-enrollment)

Avesis - vision

  • 833-282-2438
  • Plan 926COT-L2
  • Group 10790-2150 (employees) & 10790-2152 (retirees)

Hartford - life & LTD

  • 888-301-5615 (claims)
  • 800-331-7234 (applications)

ASI Flex (flexible spending accounts)

Colonial (voluntary insurance)

Medical Insurance Changes 2023/2024 - Message from the City Manager

Medical Insurance Changes 2024/2025 - Message from the City Manager

The Fiscal Year 2025 health plan begins July 1 and includes changes that I would like to make you aware of. Some of these changes were driven by continued increases to medical and prescription costs. These increases are not sustainable for the City’s self-insured health fund. I engaged in discussions with the Benefits Committee, representing both labor union and non-represented employees, to better understand your concerns before making my recommendations. To preserve the health of our plan, I ultimately recommended changes that were then approved by Mayor and Council. Please review the plan changes so that you can make informed decisions during the upcoming open enrollment period.

The FY25 plan year includes:

  • Rate increases for medical coverage will be shared by the City and employees/retirees for the Network and HRA plans; the HSA plan will have no increase
  • Changes to benefits for the Network and HRA plans
  • The enhanced City contribution* and front loading to the HRA and HSA plans—with continual education and understanding, we hope to see more employees migrate to the HSA plan
    • The HSA plan allows employees to save for retirement using the funds for medical expenses and/or Medicare premiums.
  • Offering the new retiree HSA plan, with no City contribution, will allow pre-65 retirees an option to save for future medical expenses and/or Medicare premiums
  • Rate increase of 4% for dental coverage will be covered by the City for employees and retirees

*City contributions will revert to the original City contributions for FY26.

The FY25 open enrollment period is May 1 to May 31 and is a positive enrollment, which requires all employees and retirees who are currently covered on a City medical plan to re-enroll to have coverage for the FY25 plan year. Coverage will be effective July 1, 2024.

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