Retiring or Leaving the City

Retiree insurance eligibility

Retiree insurance eligibility

To be eligible for retiree insurance, you must
  • Be a benefits-eligible employee, who was hired and working in a benefits-eligible position since before January 1, 2016
  • Meet pension eligibility for normal retirement
    • Deferred retirees are ineligible for retiree insurance
    • Disability or early retirees: Contact the Benefits team to determine eligibility

Refer to the Retiree Health Continuation AD for more information.

Retiree insurance eligibility

Special eligibility provisions

In general, retiree medical is available to retirees under age 65
  • If you qualify for Medicare before age 65 due to disability, contact your benefits team to discuss additional requirements
  • Retirees' dependents who qualify for Medicare (due to age or disability) are ineligible for medical
    • Contact your benefits team if your dependent qualifies for Medicare before turning 65
Retiree dental and vision require maintenance of continuous dental / vision coverage
  • Addition of dental or vision post-retirement is contingent upon ability to prove continuous coverage
  • This applies to all individuals (retirees, spouses, children)
See the Insurance Handbook for details.

Checking Out

Retirement Check-out

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement!

Please set up an appointment with your Benefits Team once you've established your retirement date with TSRS or PSPRS.

During our 30-45 minute meeting, we will review your options, and you will make your initial retirement insurance selections.

  • Spouses are welcome but not required at the insurance check-out meeting


Non-retirement Check-out

If you are leaving for reasons other than retirement, please set up an appointment to meet with your Benefits Team once you have established your last day of work with your department.

During our 10-15 minute meeting, we will review your options, and you will complete a short form. LINK TO VIDEO?

You also will be mailed paperwork outlining options for continuing medical, dental, vision, EAP, and in some cases health care flexible spending account coverage (see "continuing coverage" tab).

Insurance end dates

When you leave employment

These end on your last day worked:

  • Long term disability
  • Colonial
  • Flexible spending accounts

These end on the last day of the month during which you leave employment:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Employee Assistance Program

When retiree insurance ends

After you retire

In addition to children turning age 65, coverage for retirees and their dependents may end for a number of reasons - some of which we'll initiate, and others of which you must notify us.
  • Turning age 651
    • Retiree medical generally ends upon reaching age 65
    • Visit FAQs for answers to common questions
  • Medicare Disability1 (under age 65)
    • If you (the retiree) gain Medicare eligibility after retiring and before turning age 65, current contracts allow you to continue medical until reaching age-65 Medicare eligibility; however,
      • You must remove Medicare-eligible disabled retiree dependents under 65 from City of Tucson medical
    • Contact your benefits team to update your own status, or drop medical for an ineligible dependent
  • Gaining other employer-sponsored medical1
    • If you or your dependent(s) enroll in another employer-sponsored medical program (including Tricare), you must drop City medical
  • Voluntary disenrollment
  • Surviving widow(er) of retiree re-marries
    • If you're enrolled in City benefits (medical, dental and/or vision) as a surviving widow of a deceased retiree, you must disenroll when you re-marry

1 Does not impact dental or vision

Continuing Coverage

Continuing your insurance

Medical, dental, vision, EAP, Health Care FSA

  • In accordance with federal COBRA law, you'll be offered the option to continue existing medical, dental, vision and EAP by paying 102% of the premium
  • You may also continue your your health care flexible spending account, as long as you haven't spent your full account
    • This allows you additional time to incur and submit claims
  • You may want to consider COBRA continuation if
    • You do not meet retiree insurance eligibility requirements 
    • You meet eligibility but choose to continue coverage under COBRA rather than the retiree provisions
    • You still have health care FSA money that you haven't spent or claimed - contact ASI Flex with questions



Long Term Disability & Dependent Care FSA

  • LTD and dependent care FSA benefits cannot be continued after leaving employment

Continuing Coverage

Retiree benefits

Medical, Dental, Vision

Insurance-eligible retirees may elect to continue medical, dental and/or vision either as a retiree or under federal COBRA provisions. The benefits of electing retiree coverage include:

  • Longer period of coverage
    • Retiree medical coverage generally continues until you reach age 65, and COBRA continuation generally ends after 18 months
    • Retiree dental and vision have no age limit, although they do have a continuous coverage requirement
  • Premium subsidy
    • The City subsidizes a portion of retiree medical rates, and COBRA requires you to pay 102% of the premium (no City subsidy)
    • Public Safety retirees also receive a state subsidy for dental and/or medical continuation


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